Our Philosophy

"HDFC's finest investment is in its Human Resources. It draws its personnel from many disciplines. They are the building blocks on which the company's performance & productivity is based". H T Parekh, Founder - Chairman, HDFC.

HDFC Sales values integrity, commitment, teamwork and excellence in customer service. Our most valuable assets are our Human Resources. We are truly proud that today we have a highly motivated team of sales persons and that we have the lowest employee turnover rate in the Industry.

Values that guide us

Employee First - Happy employees make happy customers. We believe that if an employee is well taken care of and is happy, he will serve the customer with enthusiasm and integrity.

Inverted Pyramid - We're in the business to serve customers. 'Service' is our value. The Sales officer is closest to the customer andis placed at the top and his managers are placed at the bottom.The manager is a facilitator spearheading team effort. The entire hierarchy is to facilitate the level above him so that customer servicing is done well.

Learning - If we don't evolve continually, we risk becoming irrelevant.Learning is our value, so that we constantly adapt to thisever-changing, highly-competitive environment. Learning is important to adapt to the changing needs of the customers, advance to newer technologies, get ahead of competition and much more.

Service - We are in the business to serve. The way we do it, is what makes us different from the others. In this cutthroat competitive market, gaining and retaining the customer is the most important factor to success.

Integrity - Honesty with everyone, Ethical Business Practices and keeping our commitments with employees and customers are the values we live by always.

Efficiency - We desire efficiency from every asset and spend.We treat every amount spent, not as an expense but as an investment. So for e.g. If a new employee needs to be hired, the answer usually is yes. Because,as long as the employee produces efficiently, he is not an expense but a productive investment

Corporate Social Responsibility - While climbing up the corporate ladder, we grow and earn more. But in order to keep us humble and grounded we constantly to contribute to the society and work for the deprived sections of our society.

Transparency - We have a very transparent and open work culture.All levels of the hierarchy are easily accessible to every employee. For e.g. Every employee has the mobile number of the CEO.

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